WordPress Flip Wall – Multipurpose Use is a galleries theme, created by global-trend . Its cost is $17. This wordpress plugin is uploaded on 2014-03-15 and latest updated on 2015-08-25. This plugin is sold 36 times.
WordPress Flip Wall – Multipurpose Use is posted under Flip Wall, gallery, logo gallery, logo wall, multipurpose gallery, photo gallery, photo grid, photo wall, sponsors gallery, sponsors wall, wall photos

Description: This plugin can be used to create a nice photo wall with logo or pictures. Additional parameters like short description/excerpt will be displayed on flip event. That is, wall will be created with images, and images will be flipped on click on it and will display additional parameters like description, link etc.Flexible to use and configure. Very user friendly, Just add items and display these items in any page, post or template by using shortcode. Shortcode button is embedded with editor for easy use.Features: Shortcode System Responsive Layout Background color/image support Custom link support Pagination support Custom description support Flip direction Flip element ending color Custom ordering and limit Custom box shadow and color Category specific display support And many more… Live Demo: Demo 01 (Standard Example) Demo 02 (Pagination Example) Update/Maintenance History 03 – Update 02 – Version 1.2 – 25-AUG-2015 Updated JavaScript issue Added multiple wall feature in single page 02 – Update 01 – Version 1.1 – 19-MAR-2014 Added Pagination System Added new shortcode parameters Added catagory specific options Updated Documentation 01 – Initial Release – Version 1.0 – 15-MAR-2014 Credits: jQuery Flip! Icon/Image Credit – Find Icons

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