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WC Daily Update is a woocommerce theme, created by pguardiario . Its cost is $20. This wordpress plugin is uploaded on 2014-10-16 and latest updated on 2015-03-26. This plugin is sold 39 times.
WC Daily Update is posted under csv, daily, ecommerce, ETL, import, price, schedule, scrape, stock, update, woocommerce, wordpress

Schedule Daily Updates for your WooCommerce Stock or Price Data WC Daily Update is an updater, not an importer. By optimizing queries for a single attribute it can achieve speeds 100x faster than traditional importer plugins. Schedule Daily Automated Updates from Local or Remote Sources (HTTP or FTP!) Easily add HTTP or FTP sources even with login informaiton! Includes a powerful scraping framework that lets you transform XML feeds or scrape entire distributor websites! Fast Update Stock or Prices from the WP tools menu Intuitive step-by-step ajax interface Customize import and CSV settings to match your input Test the update beforehand to check how many products will be affected Can update a product catalog of 100K records in seconds!

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