Vanilla UI Kit is a sketch-templates theme, created by pixelbuddha_graphic . Its cost is $19. This Theme is uploaded on 2016-04-06 and latest updated on 2016-04-06. This theme is sold 15 times.
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Meet Vanilla UI Kit for Sketch, a pack of responsive blocks for creating wonderfull resources. It is time for something really vivid and expressive, don’t you think? We’re happy to introduce you a new product of premium quality focusing on bright color schemes and bold characters. Vanilla UI Kit is a great fit for building an image for a new progressive brand able to inspire anyone and simply the most vivid way to present your brand! 30+ Blocks / 200+ UI Elements / 60 unique bold icons / works in Photoshop and Sketch. Vector Shapes. All included web elements and icons were made using vector shapes, what guarantees easy customization and retina-ready support. Pixel Perfect. Attention to the details makes the Vanilla UI Kit a truly impressive tool, which is very nice and comfortable in use. Free Fonts. We used only Google Fonts library that fact would make your work with the fonts very effective and convenient. Bright Colors. We created a truly expressive solution able to touch yours and your client’s hearts. A bright UI for bright projects.

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