Contact form is an important part of any Website. This is the best method to connect with your customers. Are you facing these problems while submitting the form like below :
a) There was an error typing to send your message. Please try again later.
b) “Thank you for your message. It has been sent.” But not received on mailbox.

It is very simple to fix these issues. Follow these few steps to solve the problem:
1) Please login to your WordPress Dashboard.
2) Now Add new -> Search ‘WP mail SMTP’
3) Install and Activate the plugin.
4) Now Go to setting-> Email and configure the SMTP setting
From Email -> Enter your Email Address
Form Name-> Put any name here
Mailer-> Choose send all wordpress email via smtp
Return Path -> Always check that checkbox

SMTP Options:
SMTP Host->
SMTP Port-> 465
Encryption-> Use SSL encryption
Authentication-> Use SMTP Authentication
Username-> Enter your domain id
Password-> Enter your id password

5) At Last click on Save Changes. Go to your contact form and send the mail and check your mailbox.

There are so many plugins for SMTP. You can install anyone and use them. Only one thing is important that is SMTP Port, SMTP Host and add your correct username and password there.
If this is not working for you so check your plugin updates and cache. I hope this article will helpful for you.

More SMTP plugin in WordPress

1) Easy WP SMTP : It allows you to configure and send all outgoing emails via SMTP server. By this plugin you can use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail’s SMTP server. It securely deliver emails to your recipients.

2) WP SMTP: It can help us to send emails via SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function. If the field “From” was not a valid email address, or the field “SMTP Host” was left blank, it will not reconfigure the wp_mail() function.

3) WP Email SMTP: This plugin describe above briefly. This plugin allows you to connect any SMTP for sending emails from your WordPress site. You can connect any SMTP service like Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, MailJet, MailGet to send emails using them.

4) WP Mail SMTP Plugin with Email Logs: This is a FREE SMTP plugin that gives you every feature needed to guarantee fast and 100% confident email deliverability. It includes a list of features designed to test, log, and control your email deliverability, even over multiple WordPress installations and networks.

5) Gmail SMTP: This plugin allows you to authenticate with your Gmail account to send email via Gmail SMTP server.Most shared hosting servers have restrictions when it comes to email. Usually email will get blocked or missing for no reason. Sometimes it will get blocked when your website reaches the daily limit of outgoing email. This plugin can bypass this issue by routing the email through Gmail’s SMTP server.

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