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Cover Responsive Email Template + Stampready Builder + Mailchimp + Mailster is a email-templates theme, created by myriadthemes . Its cost is $18. This Theme is uploaded on 2018-06-12 and latest updated on 2018-06-12. This theme is sold 4 times.
Cover Responsive Email Template + Stampready Builder + Mailchimp + Mailster is posted under active campaign, Aweber, business email template, campaign monitor, constant contact, corporate email template, email editor, email marketing, email template builder, freshmail, html email template, icontact, mailchimp, newsletter template, responsive email template

Features Stampready online Builder Export to desktop Change background images Duplicate or hide modules Inline Css and optimized code MailChimp compatible Campaign monitor compatible Mailster compatible (Mymail) HTML without tags version Compatible with all ESPs using html version Documentation included Files Included Stampready compatible file Mailchimp compatibe file Campaign monitor compatibe file Mailster compatibe file HTML version file Full Documentation with video instructions Esp Compatibility Mailchimp Campaign monitor Mailster (Mymail) Stampready Aweber iContact Tested with Litmus and Email on acid Compatiblity Android AOL Mail Apple Mail Gmail Hotmail iPad iPhone5 Lotus Notus 8 Lotus Notus 8.5 Mozilla Thunderbird Opera Mail Outlook 2002 Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007 Outlook 2010 Outlook 2011 Outlook 2013 Yahoo Mail Window Phone Font compatibility Email Clients that support custom web fonts: iOS Mail, Apple Mail, Android (default client), Thunderbird. Other clients will show a standard fallback webfont. Background Support Outlook doesn’t support the background it will be replaced by a solid color background. Support if you need any help please contact our support, we usually get back within 12 hours Notes Outlook does not support the background images. Outlook does not render Google fonts. The pictures used on Demo are not included. Changelog – Initial Release 1.0.0 Resources Unsplash

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