Ascende WordPress Responsive Photo & Video Gallery is a portfolio theme, created by egobuilders . Its cost is $44. This Theme is uploaded on 2014-03-25 and latest updated on 2015-08-24. Ascende WordPress Responsive Photo & Video Gallery theme is sold 511 times on themeforest market place.

Ascende WordPress Responsive Photo & Video Gallery is posted under captions, columns, contact, form, gallery, large, mp4, photo, photography, responsive, shortcodes, video, videography, vimeo, youtube

Fast Friendly Support Ascende WordPress Responsive Photo & Video Gallery Excellent support Includes demo ( .xml import file ) WordPress hosting available Multi-level navigation menu Unlimited fullsize galleries with captions for photography or videography MP4, Vimeo, and YouTube players, all responsive AJAX contact form with validation and “thank you” message ( submit does not reload page ) Custom Admin Options – “Ascende Settings” All content is generated with shortcodes ( includes plugin ) HTML5 Ascende WordPress Version 1.3 Updates: Fixed gallery thumbnail alignment Fixed nav menu bottom border color Changed checkboxes in Ascende Settings to select menus Fixed accordions icon toggle Fixed logo on loading/intro page Fixed horizontal scrolling with [top] shortcode title text Allow text editing on [graphic] shortcode (textcolor, caption1, caption2, caption3) Added fit=”true” to [media] instructions Fixed theme color form input background color Fixed [contactform] vertical spacing Fixed [section] padtop and padbottom spacing Removed meta keywords and description tags from header SCREENSHOTS                       SMOOTH RESPONSIVE SMARTPHONE & TABLET LAYOUT    

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