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There are 14 fields in contact form 7.

1) text
2) email
3) URL
4) tel
5) number
6) date
7) text area
8) drop-down menu
9) checkboxes
10) radio buttons
11) acceptance
12) quiz
13) file
14) submit

Field Explanations

1) TEXT: This is the text field. You can add First name, Last name, name, place etc for simple input.
2) EMAIL: This field is used for Email Id only.
3) URL: This field is used for Website url.
4) TEL: This field is used for Telephone number only. You can add number only here.
5) NUMBER: In this field, there are two options i.e Spinbox and slider. See below:

You need to add range for this field like 0 to 9, 0 to 1000 etc

6) DATE: This field is used for date. You can also add range for this.
7) TEXT AREA: This field is used for message, comments, bio etc.
8) DROP-DOWN MENU: This field is used for select. Like Choose your country, Choose any number etc.
9) CHECKBOX: This field is used for select more than one option. Like Choose your subject-math, english, chemistry etc
10) RADIO BUTTON: This field is select only one option. Like Gender etc
11) ACCEPTANCE: This is used for confirmation of user. Like term and conditions
12) QUIZ: This is used for quiz. You can add question and answer here.
13) FILE: This is used for upload file. Like upload your resume etc
14) Submit: This is submit button. You can use SEND, CLICK etc

Example:- How to add any of one field form above all?

1) Click on the field name. Then popup will be opened. After that fill the given options then click on Insert tag. See below:

You can add any fields that you want. Like below:

2) Add inserted tag also in message body like below:

3) Check the preview:

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